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15th august Indipendance day

19th august Krishna janmasthami

August 22 Fun activity by Shashikant sir

10th December Craft work

7th January 4th Parent meeting

12th January Swami Vivekanand Jayanti

6th July Yellow color day

23rd July 1st Parent meeting

1st June

13th June

June 21 yoga day with mothers

June 30 Mytholoical stories

November 17 students height and weight checkup

November 22 3rd Parent meeting

November 26 Funfilled activity on alphabets and colors

October 4 Ayudha puja

October 16 second parent meeting

October 19 red color day

September 8 Ganesh chaturthi

September 10 Fancy dress

September 14 Fancy dres certifiactes distribution

September 24 Fruit marketing day

September 30 Dandiya