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Sri Raju Bhavani

Education is the best wealth among all, No one can steal it, no state can snatch it, It can't be diviEducation is the best wealth among all, No one can steal it, no state can snatch it, can't be divided among the brothers and it's not heavy to carry. As one consumes or spend, it increases, as one share, it expands. Let's come and give a tremendous wealth of knowledge and education to your child at " Shree Vidyapith " by learning languages Sanskrit, English, Kannada, Hindi, Environmental study, and Curricular Activities.

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

Established in 2019. The founder of the School - Sri Raju Bhavani (Social Worker) after the deadly pandemic. The Shree Vidyapith school was the dream of the founder Sri Raju Bhavani that he wanted to introduce the GURUKUL SYSTEM OF EDUCATION which was more focused on teaching Moral, Ethical, and Human Values to the children instead of giving them only Knowledge from Books.


Shree Vidyapith offers a well-allrounded curriculum while focusing on Vedic Events of learning and living.


Shree Vidyapith's curriculum is designed to empower children with knowledge & confidence that will carry proudly into higher grades. Some of the traditional areas of focus include Yoga, Dhanya, Spirituality, Vedic Mathematics, Pottery, Gardening, Robotics Engineering, Music, Dance, Art, Creative Thinking, Craft & more.

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  • S
  • hree Vidya Peeta School infrastructure is designed to take due care of safety and security by presenting the learning interest of the child cheerful classroom set-up with technologically equipped teaching and advanced learning material as we believe the play is the shortest route between children and their creative calling.

  • High-class animated interiors
  • Game zone
  • Digital Library
  • Intresting study materials
  • Trained and professional team
  • Drawing and painting materials
  • Proper lighting and ventilation
  • Transportation
  • Free medical checkup
  • Varity of clean and hygenic toys
  • Kids gym
  • Mini theater
  • Sand pits and garden
  • Hygenic restrooms
  • Mineral Water
  • Monthly parent teacher meeting
  • Appricixation prizes and medals
  • First Aid and Nap room


At Shree Vidyapith the curriculum is a child-centered program that follows a mix of need-based teaching-learning processes and simulates the environment foe intellectual, language, social, emotional & physical development of the child. the curriculum is integrated for the overal development of children & to gradually prepare them for primary achool challenges.

The teaching approach and methodology is practiced for the following subjects and activities as per the age and learning ability of the child:

  • Sanskar
  • Language skills
  • Number Skills
  • Rhymes
  • Art and Craft
  • Phonetics
  • Moral Education
  • Environment Sciences
  • Sports and Games
  • Physical and Mental Fitness Self Discipline and Social Manners


At Shree Vidyapith special occasions like Birthday, National and Regional Festivals, Ethnic Days, Sports Day, and Annual Day are celebrated in a unique way that includes Social and Moral values provide great joy and happiness for the children.

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What Parents Say About Our Shree Vidyapith Pre School

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  • Parents Feedback
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